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Health benefits

Good Fat Bad Fat

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Find links here to the UK Foods Standards Agency and the British Heart Foundation to see what they say about fat in your diet.

  • Cold pressed rapeseed oil contains half the saturated fat of olive oil.
  • Cold pressed rapeseed oil is high in unsaturated fat
  • There are no trans-fats in cold pressed rapeseed oil

What about Omega 3?

You are probably as bamboozled about omega 3 as the rest of us, have a look on the British Nutrition Foundation to find out more about omega 3.

Cold pressed rapeseed oil is especially high in omega 3. In fact rapeseed oil contains ten times more omega 3 than olive oil. Cold pressed rapeseed oil also contains natural vitamin E, this is an antioxidant which works to keep the oil fresh.

Cold pressing

We just squeeze the seed and out comes the pure oil, fully intact with all of the natural nutrients, colour and delicious flavour. Unlike industrial oil extraction we don't pre-heat the seeds, nor do we use any chemicals - this would yield more oil but would seriously lower the quality. We only press the seed once to give the best oil. Yellow Fields cold pressed oil is not refined - simply pressed, filtered and bottled.

Rapeseed gives me hay fever

Many people think that rapeseed pollen is linked with asthma and hay fever. This is unlikely however, as rapeseed is a crop that relies on pollen transfer by insects. Since rapeseed flowers have a distinctive smell, and it flowers in spring and early summer when other pollen is in the air, hay fever sufferers may wrongly jump to the conclusion that it is the rapeseed that is to blame simply because they can smell it.