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Yellow Fields rapeseed oil

Tasty, natural, healthy, and local…

Suzy's Crostinis
Thinly slice some baguettes, drizzle Yellow Fields…
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Mostly we'd like you to buy yellow fields cold pressed rapeseed oil for its great taste. It has a subtle flavour, sort of earthy and nutty but not overpowering making it really versatile. Mixed with balsamic vinegar the softness of the oil makes a lovely salad dressing. It's also good for cooking; it works well for stir-fry, makes tremendous roast potatoes, a real all-rounder.

The harvest from last year gave a slightly greenish oil (a bit like some olive oils) but this year we are back to a rich golden yellow. Different field, different soil, different weather ..... must be since the variety is exactly the same. Still tastes great (we may be a little biased).

Now then; there are other reasons to go for yellow fields cold pressed rapeseed oil. Our process is simple; we just squeeze the seeds (only once) and bottle the oil; it seems like the sensible way to get the oil out. Unlike other oil extraction processes we don't use nasty chemicals, we don't bleach the oil (we like the natural colour), and we certainly don't deodorise it since that would kill the great taste.

Rapeseed oil contains less saturated fat and has far more omega 3 than olive oil and it also contains vitamin E.

And to top it off it's made in Northumberland so if you care about food miles then get out your old school atlas and if you find you live nearer to Northumberland than the Mediterranean then join the growing number of people discovering the earthy goodness of  cold pressed rapeseed oil.

As well as being a great culinary oil our oil is considered precious in the skin care field too! Good for the inside and good on the outside. Take a look at our friends Natural Empathy who make luxury natural beauty products using Yellow Fields oil and you will see what we mean. Just follow this link to browse their website and buy something a bit different and special.